tail surface

tail surface
A stabilizing or control surface of and in the tail of an aircraft.

Aviation dictionary. 2014.

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  • tail surface — noun : a stabilizing surface or a control surface in the tail of an airplane …   Useful english dictionary

  • tail|er — «TAY luhr», noun. 1. British. a device for securing a fish by the tail, consisting of a movable loop on a handle. 2. a fish whose tail breaks the surface of the water …   Useful english dictionary

  • tail fin — ► NOUN 1) Zoology a fin at the posterior end of a fish s body. 2) a projecting vertical surface on the tail of an aircraft, housing the rudder and providing stability. 3) an upswept projection on each rear corner of a motor car, popular in the… …   English terms dictionary

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  • tail fin — noun 1》 Zoology a fin at the posterior extremity of a fish s body, typically continuous with the tail. 2》 a projecting vertical surface on the tail of an aircraft, housing the rudder. 3》 an upswept projection on each rear corner of a car, popular …   English new terms dictionary

  • tail walking — a hooked game fish remaining mostly out of the water by rapidly moving its caudal fin from side to side at the water surface …   Dictionary of ichthyology

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